Rain Resistant Accessories

A nifty umbrella of the highest possible standard will cover you from the rain and uplift your spirits during a promenade in a park. Italian accessories - waterproof bags and gumboots - are meant specially for fashionmongers. You will be psyched up for the rainy season. Clouds will warn you about the rain.

There is a concept of feels-like temperature, i.e. air temperature allowing for wind chill, to be more precise with a glance to wind, blaze of the sun, humidity and other factors. But this calculation is very complicated, so the wind is the extent of this passage. While being outdoors one creates a thin layer of heated air next to one's skin. Comfort is provided. The wind blows up this layer and contact receptors "inform" of a cold snap. For example, it is -10C and medium wind outside. And it seems to us that in fact it is colder, -18C for instance. Obviously, every person has his own comfortable temperature. For example, infants feel good at an average of +18C, adults are all right at +21C, and aged persons feel cold even in summer.

When you go for a walk with a child take into account not only outdoor thermometer readings but also wind force, as the wind makes much difference to a feels-like temperature. It's time to care of appropriate clothes with Walmart coupon codes online.

Wind power can be approximately estimated by trees: when the wind is gentle (up to 5 meters per second) foliage is motionless or rustles, branches do not sway; in a moderate wind (from 5 to 10 meters per second) thin branches bend and tops of trees sway to and fro; in a strong wind (more than 10 meters per second) thick branches and thin shafts sway, coarse sand and rubbish stir on the ground. Now you can figure out a feels-like temperature with a glance to wind by formulae:

Air temperature on the outdoor thermometer (t)Gentle windModerate wind
Above 0CT - 1t - 6
-10...0CT - 2t - 8
-20...-10CT - 3t - 10
For example, the street thermometer displays 5C, the wind is light. The rough formula for calculation the feels-like temperature in these conditions is the following: t-1. That is the feels-like temperature is about 4C.