Thick Clouds

Unpredictable natural phenomenon El Niņo/La Niņa Southern Oscillation is not about to abate. According to World Meteorological Organization (WMO), its strength in the Pacific Ocean will vary from fair to heavy till April 2011. Climatic event La Niņa is marked by the chilling effect of the Pacific ocean surface at the Southern America coast in the central and eastern parts of the Pacific Equatorial Ocean which causes to move vast air masses due to temperature and pressure difference. At the moment the temperature of the ocean surface in these areas is 1.5 degrees centigrade lower than the average one, winds are fair and cloud amount is less than usual. At the same time the water temperature at the ocean floor is 2-4 degrees Celsius below the line. The opposite phase of the ocean condition, sudden water warming, is called El Niņo. Both phenomena may last more than a year and significantly affect the climate: change the rate of tropical rainfall, creating cyclones and monsoons, affect the air temperature and atmospheric humidity level, cause floods and droughts. At present time current La Niņa engendered at the start of this year prevails in the Pacific Ocean. Many hurricanes and tropical storms that took place in the Caribbean this year are also associated with the influence of La Niņa. However WMO notes that the effects of these volatile natural phenomena change their pattern every year, and unfortunately, they can't be predicted. With autumn coming to an end and cold spell we have to solve a difficult task every morning: what should we put on. In fact, walking down the street and taking notice of what people wear may be quite amazing: some put on cold proof jackets and coats, others wear winter clothes by now. In rainy days one's outfit should provide comfort and warmth. Clothes from natural fabrics can be found online Overstock coupon codes. You can stand any rough weather with it. Many people are afraid of being sopped in the rain. This fear will disappear when you put on a trenchcoat made of waterproof flax. This textile produced with advanced technology will become your reliable protection in stress of weather.